Sanity Miles

Here you will find my wellness and mindful running products, created to meet you where you are on your journey and support you toward reaching your goals. I often call my runs ‘sanity miles’ because they allow me to combine movement with mindfulness. I'm excited to share that experience with you. On my own journey, I discovered the lack of accessible resources and struggled with a lack of support so I created a few tools to help you get more from your wellness and running experiences. The goal is to leverage my experience and expertise to cultivate an online community that empowers, educates, and advocates for YOU.

Join me for this year's Sanity Miles September Challenge! This is a FREE 30 challenge designed to help you make mindful movement a habit. Commit to showing up for yourself and completing 30 miles over 30 days! 

You can walk, run or jog so everyone is welcome. All you've got to do is sign up. You'll receive an affirmation and journal prompt each morning via text message plus a weekly email with more mindful running tips and info. If you'd like to track your miles we'll be using Nike Run Club and Strava. More info will be sent via email the day before the challenge so you're ready to go on September 1st. 

Stay tuned for exciting giveaways and more fun stuff to come throughout the month. 

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A new way to achieve your running and self-improvement goals by taking a more mindful approach. This journal was created to preserve both mileage information and running reflections in one place. Inside this journal you'll not only find journal prompts, running tips and plenty of pages to track your runs; you will also find a new way to practice self-care and connect more deeply with yourself.

        •    5x7 inches
        •    Vegan Leather Exterior
        •    Satin Ribbon Bookmark
        •    Undated
        •    Lasts for 150 days of mindful runs


A thoughtful deck of cards featuring 100 journal prompts. The deck can be used alongside the Sanity Miles Journal for a mindful running experience or just as prompts for everyday journaling!

        •    Card Size 100 x 150 mm
        •    100 Journal Prompts
        •    includes 4 topics (Reflection, Looking Ahead, Self-Care,
              and Celebrating Loved Ones)

        •    Card Size 100 x 150 mm
        •    Box Size 168 x 118 x 45 mm
        •    Printed on 350 gsm core paper
        •    100 Journal Prompts
        •    includes 4 topics (Reflection,
              Looking Ahead, Self-Care,
              and Celebrating Loved Ones)


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