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Hey I'm Kira.


I’m a Brooklyn born creator, entrepreneur, and writer. My passion is making wellness both more accessible and inclusive. As I explored wellness, I began to dig more deeply into the lack of support systems and inherent racism at play which perpetuate health challenges for marginalized groups. As a result, I’m leveraging my experience and expertise to cultivate an online community that empowers, educates, advocates and for the advancement of the historically oppressed.



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What I've been working on...

One of the most exciting parts about being an entrepreneur is defining the ways in which you make an impact. I’ve been hard at work continuing to launch amazing products on MadeByKwest. ACTIV-ISM, the anti-racism wellness program I co-founded with Taylor Rae Almonte has continued to grow in amazing ways. Moving to a new city means ordering a ton of new things online so be sure to check out my Amazon shop.

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